The Raspberry Pi Diaries

Jan 22, 2016

Part 4

Some more progress to report. Uploaded the latest Rpi bridge to Github. The bridge is able to detect the board type (B, B+, etc.) and create a pin map of available GPIO pins for that board type.

If an operation is attempted on an illegal GPIO for the board type connected, it is detected, denied.

I am able to set the pin mode for Digital Input and Output from Scratch and the Enable/Disable function is now working.

If Digital Input is set to Disabled, reports are not sent back to Scratch.

If Digital Output is set to Disabled, performing a digital write has no affect on the pin.

The user can toggle back and forth between enabled and disabled.

If a digital or analog (PWM) write is attempted and the GPIO was not set to OUTPUT mode, the write is denied. 

To Do: Come up with a Raspberry Pi set of error messages and verify that they are being reported to Scratch for each error condition.


Modified debug error reporting to be meaningful strings instead of reference numbers.

To Do: Update Arduino Bridge to do the same.

Control C handling working consistently well now.

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