Version 1.8 Just Released

This release corrects a problem encountered when using the SONAR feature.

Xideco Version 0.4.0 Has Been Released

This is a major update!

  • Xideco Router was simplified to use a single ZeroMQ Forwarder.
  • The file was simplified to reflect changes in router.
  • Implemented Universal i2c support.
    • Added i2c support to Arduino and Raspberry Pi Bridges.
    • Added i2c support to BeagleBone Black with new file, - requires use of Python 2.
    • Add a library class to support ADXL345 Accelerometer.
      • A sample program is provided to create a ZeroMQ data monitor for the ADXL345 class and is described here.
  • Updated FirmataPlus to be consistent with version 2.5.2 of StandardFirmata and is now included with distribution.
    • If you are using a previous version of FirmataPlus it should be replaced with the new version.
    • See Wiki Page for instructions.
  • All modules were modified to allow setting the associated Xideco Router IP address via command line option.