The SmartiPi Touch

A Versatile, Five Star Solution For Mounting The Raspberry Pi Touch Display

Recently I purchased a Raspberry Pi touch display and quickly came to the realization that I needed a way to easily position and protect the display on my desk. Before checking out the various cases, I came up with the following list of must haves: 
  • Good design using highest quality components
  • Simple to assemble.
  • Be able to house my Raspberry Pi.
  • Does not require image positioning adjustment to fit the needs of the case.
After checking out all the cases available I found only one that checked all of the boxes, and that was the SmartiPi Touch case. It was breeze to assemble, holds my Raspberry Pi, is constructed of high quality materials and orients the screen in its natural position without having to diddle with rotating the image 180 degrees (some cases require you to do that!).

In addition, the SmartiPi case includes a Raspberry Pi camera case that mounts onto the main case using a Lego compatible bracket. Last week, I wanted to mount the camera on the case, only to realize that I did not have the appropriate bracket. I contacted SmartiPi to see what type of Lego bracket I needed to get.  They informed me that I should have received one in the kit of parts. and promptly sent one to me, free of charge.

With the quality of product and quality of customer service, SmartiPi is truly five star.