A Mini Book Review of

A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript

by Mark Meyers

If you want to get up to speed with JavaScript quickly and easily, this book will get you there. The author's technique is to use short sections of text and then reinforce the material with on-line practice exercises. This technique is very effective.

My only complaint with the book, is that in the later chapters, it assumes that the reader is pretty familiar with HMTL, CSS and DOM. In all fairness to the author, DOM is covered very nicely towards the end of the book.  If you are inexperienced in web page creation, you may wish to get up to speed on HTML and CSS before tackling the later chapters.

You can purchase the book here.

I give this book 5 out 5 stars!
Learn How To Wirelessly Control an Arduino Using the BeagleBone Black
Raspberry Pi

Check out my latest Instructables Article

Please note that some corrections have been made to Step 2. The bluez package is required to be installed into the BBB.

Article has been updated to include Raspberry Pi running the latest Debian Wheezy (2014-06-20) release.

PyMata Version 1.58 Released June 17, 2014

HC-06 Bluetooth Module is Now Supported!!!

PyMata Version 1.58 is available on Github 

  • To use the HC-06 on a Leonardo, the Arduino Sketch, FirmataPlusLBT, included with version 1.58, must be used.
  • For USB/Serial on the Leonardo, use either FirmataPlus or StandardFirmata
  • All other boards for both USB/Serial and BlueTooth, use FirmataPlus or StandardFirmata