Xi RPi Support Has Been Extended For:

Standard Servo
Continuous Servo

No changes are necessary to the Xi Clients or Server.

Just update your copy of raspi-io to the latest:

In the xipi directory:

  1. sudo npm rm raspi-io
  2. sudo npm install raspi-io

My DuinoKit Has Arrived!

This is a great kit for the classroom! All devices come pre-installed on a quality circuit board mounted in a beautiful hinged metal carrying case that has a removable cover. Not only does this kit provide a large number of actuators and sensors, but includes discrete devices, such as capacitors, resistors, diodes, and transistors that are all mounted on the printed circuit board. 

You can check it out here: DuinoKit

Italian Translation Has Been Added To 


For Both Scratch and Snap!

Gianfranco Zuliani has graciously provided an Italian translation for s2a_fm.

You can get this latest translation on Github.

Thank you Gianfranco!!!