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Control A SparkFun RedBot

With ScratchX and rb4s

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Installation and usage instructions can be found on the wiki.


Version 1.9  Released

The features of this release are aimed at additional support for the SparkFun RedBot.

Version 1.8 Released

This a bug fix release for pymata3 only. The calls to pymata_core from pymata3 now consistently use loop_run_until_complete().

The pymata3 play_tone duration parameter is now set to a default of None.

The rbDashBoard Has Been Released

Built using the pymata_aio core library, rbDashBoard allows you to control a SparkFun RedBot robot from a web page.

The web page not only allows you to control each motor for speed and direction, but simultaneously, and in realtime, reports wheel encoder data, accelerometer data, line follower sensor data and bumper state data. 

Check it out on Github.

Version 1.7 of pymata_aio

This is a minor bug fix release.

Version 1.6 of pymata_aio
Has Been Released

The latest version of pymata_aio has been released in preparation for the upcoming release of rbDashBoard, a program that allows you to control and monitor a SparkFun RedBot. rbDashBoard is a pymata_core application that uses Python Autobahn for WebSocket connectivity.

The 1.6 release includes a special Arduino sketch, called FirmataPlusRB that provides Firmata support for RedBot sensors and actuators.

pymata_aio v1.5


Version 1.5 of pymata_aio has been released on github and pypi.

This release allows callback functions to be user selected as asyncio coroutines or direct calls for both pymata_core (the pure asyncio version of the library) and pymata3 (the proxy library for pymata_core).

In addition, some minor bugs were fixed that were not yet reported, but were discovered by me.