Version 2.15 pymata-aio


This version fully implements the StandardFirmata 2.5.3 protocol. It also includes a new version of pymata_iot. We are no longer using autobahn for websocket support, but have moved to the websockets package.

To install from pip:

pip install pymata-aio

To upgrade from an older version using pip:

pip install pymata-aio --upgrade

You can also download the .zip file, unpack and run: install

Updates Available for pymata-aio, s2aio and FirmataPlus

Pymata-aio version 2.14 and s2aio version 2.9 are now available on Pypi.

To upgrade s2aio to the latest version, in a command window type:

pip install s2aio --upgrade

This should update both s2aio and pymata_aio.

To upgrade pymata-aio, in a command window type:

pip install pymata-aio --upgrade

FirmataPlus and its variants have been updated and are baselined against StandardFirmata 2.5.3.

These libraries now support both PyMata and pymata-aio. You can download the zip file here and installation instructions can be found here.