Connect An Arduino Esplora 

to Scratch or Snap!

For many, nothing can be more fun than writing programs that control and monitor physical devices such as joysticks, LEDs, sound sensors, temperature sensors and the like.

But before the first line of code can be written, circuits need to be designed, parts need to be procured, and the hardware needs to be assembled and tested. In addition, custom software is often required to provide a programming interface for the custom hardware. This software, like the hardware, needs to be designed, coded, tested, and integrated with the hardware.

Designing and assembling both the hardware and matching software can be quite time consuming and is not without its obstacles.

Is there quicker way to writing that first line of code?

Yes! By combining an Arduino Esplora microcontroller with the esp4s library and either the Scratch or Snap! programming languages, that first line of code can be written in minutes!

Fully Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac

PyMata 2.06 Released

This release fixes a bug encountered when a Firmata Reset command was being processed. After pin status tables were reset, they were not being correctly re-initialized.

You can download this latest release from Github: