PyMata 2.02 Maintenance Release

This release fixes a problem when using an Arduino Leonardo. Unlike the Uno, when the serial port is shut down in Pymata, the Leonardo continues reporting data updates. This can cause spurious data to be received when starting an application up after it terminates, causing PyMata to throw some exceptions. 

This release fixes this problem  by sending a Firmata Reset to the board when PyMata closes. You can now restart programs without fear of hitting an exception in PyMata.

The web page also has an example signal handler to trap for Control-C. If you hit control-c before PyMata has completed its __init__ method, an exception is thrown. By using a signal handler, control-c handling will be completely "clean" without any exceptions.

PyMata Version 2.01 Released

This is an exciting new release that is compatible with Python 2.7 as well as 3.4. 

It also introduces callbacks for detected Analog, Digital, i2c read, and encoder data changes.

Callbacks can be attached to a PyMata analog or digital "data latch" providing callback event notification when a preset data threshold has been crossed. For example, you can set an analog latch to provide notification when the data on the pin achieves a value that is greater than, greater than or equal to, less than or less than or equal to, a value of your choosing. For digital pins, you can select a latching notification with that fires when the pin goes from 0 to 1 or 1 to 0.