Version 2.1 Has Been Released

The latest version retains all of the features of version 1.9, and is the new baseline for all future enhancements.  It Implements PEP 492 (async/await).

Any applications developed using version 1.x should be fully compatible with version 2.1 and should not require any modifications.

The Next Release Of

Is Being Prepared

Version 2.01 of pymata_aio will soon be released. It incorporates the asyncio changes in Python 3.5 as per the latest asyncio specification (PEP 492).

This first release of version 2 is a direct port of version 1 features, and no additional features are anticipated for v2.01.

Version 1.9 is being frozen in its own branch on Github. All future work will be applied to version 2 and beyond.

What This Means For Current Users (Version 1.x)

To use the upcoming version, you will be required to install Python 3.5.

Applications created using either the pymata3 or pymata_iot APIs should not have to be modified in any way

Version 1.x PymataCore based applications will need to be modified to conform to PEP492. The modifications are fairly simple. The @asyncio.coroutine decorator will need to be removed and replaced with the async keyword preceding the method name. Also yield from needs to be replaced with the await keyword.

Version 1 example:

def my_own_sleep():
    yield from board.sleep()

Converted Version 2 example:

async def my_own_sleep():
    await board.sleep()

Stay tuned for more details!