Raspberry Pi Diaries

Jan 23 2016

Part 5

I am testing the error paths on some of the blocks (enter a gpio pin number of 99, trying to do a digital write to a pin that was previously setup as an input, etc.). In my previous diary post I mentioned that I will be displaying debugger information as detailed text instead of reference numbers.

I have reconsidered this decision and am going back to reference numbers. The reasoning behind this is that approach is a burden on non-English speakers. If I use reference numbers and provide a cross reference of error number to English text string on the Wiki page, that page could be translated using something like Google translate. 

I am continuing to test error conditions and once I am satisfied with the error processing for the currently functioning blocks, I will go on to block functionality I have not yet addressed.

Here are the items yet to be addressed:
  • Tone
  • Servos
  • Sonar
  • Analog Input
For Analog Input, I just purchased an a/d converter module that is already supported by PIGPIO.  The module has a potentiometer and light sensor so it will be fun to play with.

Stay tuned.

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