Simultaneously Control, Monitor and Interconnect Up to 10 Arduinos With s2aiomulti

I have just released a new package called s2aiomulti, that allows you to control and monitor multiple Arduino boards from a single instance of Scratch 2.0 off-line.

Not only can you monitor and control multiple boards individually, you can also pass data from one Arduino to another!

The package contains 2 main software components, the s2aiomulti router and the s2aiomulti Arduino Server. The router interacts with Scratch and dispatches commands to the appropriate s2aiomulti Arduino server. When data updates are reported by an active Arduino board to its associated s2aiomult Arduino server, the data update is dispatched to the router.  The router then forwards the information to the appropriate reporter block.

s2aiomulti uses Python 3.5 and Python asyncio. 

Arduinos can be connected via USB cable or via WiFi (WiFi was tested using a Sparkfun RedBot with WiFly module).

Build your own personal Arduino IoT network!

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