pymata-aio v2.8

Has Been Released

This is a bug fix release for a Windows specific issue. The timer resolution for Windows is larger than that for Linux or Mac and in some cases causes a lag in data reporting for analog data. Thank you Guido van Rossum for pointing out the timer differences.

There was bug I discovered in testing out the Latch Data feature and this was repaired as well. What is the Latch Data feature? You can check out an explanation on the Wiki page.

In addition, the code has been refactored for better efficiency.

Thanks go to Dave Fisher and Leigh Mathews for help in verifying this release.

To install:

pip install pymata-aio

To upgrade:

pip install pymata-aio --upgrade

  • Linux/Mac users may need to use sudo to install or upgrade. 
  • Use the "pip3" command if you have that installed on your computer instead of "pip".

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