A Python Library For The

Kitronik Motor Driver Board

I just released a library to control  the Kitronik Motor Driver Board. I selected this board over all others, mainly because it uses screw terminals that securely hold the motor and power wires in place. No more wires popping out due to motor vibration. It also has a breakout pad for the micro:bit pins, making it easy to add additional devices, like an ultrasonic distance sensor to the project.

The board is extremely well made and works extremely well and is priced very appropriately. I had some questions about its use and received prompt and courteous service from the Kitronik's folks.

I ordered the board from Pimoroni and when it was first received I thought I had some issues with it. It turned out there were no issues with the board, but with the  author. Because I thought I might have to return the board, I contacted Pimoroni and with patience and grace, they helped solve my issues. No return needed and I was able to quickly get to my latest project. Another great company to do business with!

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