A New Xideco Router Design

Updates Are In The i2c Branch of Github

14 February 2016

I modified the Xideco router to use the ZeroMQ Forwarder Device. Not only did this simplify the software, but it made it more consistent. All modules connect their publishers and subscribers in the same manner.

Originally I had intended to have two Forwarders, but this actually limited the flexibility of the system. So now, the router consists of a single Forwarder and believe it or not, having a single Forwarder adds system flexibility. Since there is no longer a sense of data flowing explicitly from one type of module or another, any module can subscribe to the topic published by another module. This means that data no longer has to flow to the application for interpretation. This is going to make implementing the i2c features much simpler.

The code is not fully tested, but preliminary tests have not revealed any issues.

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