What's Next For Xideco?

I've begun working on the BeagleBone Black Bridge. I will be using the Debian 7.9 2015-11-12 image. I wanted to use the 8.3 image, but there are some device tree overlay issues when using PWM.

There is a new branch on Github where I will be checking in code from time to time until the work is complete. This is a very volatile branch, so use it at your own risk.

I have some notes on installing Python 3.5.1 on the clean 7.9 image, and I will be updating this wiki page as I make progress. You can check that page to see the current status and read my notes. The page will be cleaned up before the branch is merged into the master branch.

I will be using the Adafruit_BBIO library as a board interface. One caveat - it must be run as root or with sudo.

Stay tuned!

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