The Raspberry Pi Diaries

Jan 20 2016

Part 3

Great progress! I have updated the Raspberry Pi Bridge (code is on Github).

First a word about remote debug on the PI using PyCharm. Turns it out it was trivial. There are 2 methods to do remote debugging, a complicated method and an easy method. Of course I chose the easy way. It is called "Remote debug with a remote interpreter". 

I am able to do all of my edits on my PC, do a code inspection, upload the code to the PI and run a debug session (code running on PI), set breakpoints, etc., all on my PCthrough SSH.

Using the PIBrella as a test vehicle, I successfully:
  • Enabled code to connect to xideco
  • Connect the RPi to Xideco (all other components are running on my PC)
  • Configured LED pins as Input and PWM
  • Performed digital and analog(PWM) writes to the LEDs
Still lots to do, but I was able to get some basic functionality up and running in about an hour.

Not bad if I say so myself.

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