Status Update

The project is coming along rather nicely and I was able to verify that all of the s2a_fm block language translations are working with s2aio.

I wanted to share a change that I will be making to the Scratch/Snap blocks for s2aio and wanted to get feedback before I finalize the design. Please let me know if you have any thoughts about this change

Currently, s2a_fm has a control block called Debugger, that enables or disables debugging information sent to the console and log file.

I will be changing the debugger block from a command block into a reporter block. As a result, debug information will no longer be saved to a file or sent to the console, but can be optionally displayed on the stage by clicking the check box next to the block.

Debug information will be displayed as a numerical value. The project's Github Wiki page will contain a table that will map the problem number to a problem explanation. By using a web browser translator, you will be able to see the explanations in your native language. 

Here is a screen shot of a sample of what the map may look like:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you load an existing s2a_fm project into Scratch when running s2aio, the debugger command block will appear on the block pallete, but will be non-functional. If  your project script contains the debugger command block, it will be ignored, but the project  will still run.

Stay tuned for future progress reports.

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