Status Update  s2aio

11 November 2015

We are moving closer to a release date! What has been accomplished since the last update:
  • Language translations are complete for both Scratch and Snap!.
  • Coding is in the final stages
    • Logic is in place and has been tested using the English translation for both Scratch and Snap!. No issues to report.
    • Need to add platform specific differentiators (Windows vs Linux) to the code and retest.
      • Goal is to have one code set, and have the OS platform automatically detected.
  • Distribution scheme is almost complete.
    • Program will  be able to be installed for both Windows and Linux by opening a command window and simply typing:

      pip install s2aio
    • As a result, all required libraries are automatically installed and a platform specific exectuable is created.
What needs to be done:
  • Complete the Windows vs Linux coding differences. The program will automatically detect the operating system without user interaction.
  • Complete the pip installation testing.
    •  Need to test installation from the pypi distribution server.
  • Complete testing of all language translations for both Scratch and Snap!
  • Create a Github repository for the project and the project wiki pages.
  • Generate the documentation.
It won't be long now!

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