Attention Scratch Xi Users

Scratch 2.0 Goes From HTTP to HTTPS Preventing the Xi Server From Connecting to the Scratch Xi Client

This change prevents Xi from making a websocket connection between the Xi server and the Xi extension client loaded into Scratch.

Snap! is unaffected and will continue to work as normal.

We are working on providing a solution using secure websockets, but in the meantime, there is a workaround for both Chrome and Firefox by setting a flag in the browser.

For Firefox, enter this "url" into the browser:


When the warning screen appears, click on the "I'll be careful I promise" button.

Next, search for network.websocket.allowinsecureFromHTTPS and click on the line to set it to true. Then close and reopen Firefox.

For Chrome, enter this "url" into the browser:


and then search for Allow insecure WebSocket from https origin.

Then click on "enable". Close and reopen Chrome.

If you have any questions or concerns, just send us an email using the "Contact" feature on the left side of this page (you may have to scroll down).

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