Xi Status Update 2

The first set of block definitions has been finalized (pictured below)  and all client/server code has been completed. Testing for Arduino, and Raspberry Pi is complete on Linux. 

I just need to complete the BeagleBone Black testing, then retest all micro-controllers on Windows. When the documentation is completed, release v.001 will become available.

Additional Features That Will Be Included With v.001

All the features described in this section have been tested in Linux and are ready to be included in the first release.

1. As you probably know, Xi makes use of the Johnny-Five library. This powerful library provides a consistent, hardware independent micro-controller API.  As result, a single server file supports all 3 micro-controllers. Less code, means less maintenance.

2. Speaking of launching, when the XiDuino server is launched, it will automatically launch your default web browser and set the page to If your browser is already open, it will open a new tab to Scratch. Place the XiDuino launch command in  a .bat file or shell script, create a shortcut,  and you have "One Button Launching".

3. Another feature that was added is automatic Pin/PWM compatibility checking. If a pin is selected for PWM operation, but does not actually support PWM, an error message is displayed. Below, is a screen shot of the alert message generated when pin 7 on a Leonardo was attempted to be set to PWM mode. The feature works for the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black as well.

Future Release Plans

  1. Support for additional devices. (Servo, Sonar, Piezo, Steppers, etc.)
  2. Support for Snap!
  3. A simplified block language translation scheme.
  4. A one-click install script.

Stay tuned - there is more to come!

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