Xi Update

17 November 2014

Additional Functionality For BeagleBone Black

XiBone now supports Servo Motors (standard and continuous), Infrared Distance Sensors, and Piezo Actuators.

Wiring diagrams are available on the Xi Github page for the new features.

No updates are required for xiserver.js, but BeagleBone-IO will need to be updated to the latest version for servo motor support.

To update, go to the xibone directory.

For Linux/Mac type:

sudo npm update beaglebone-io

For Windows type:

npm update beaglebone-io

Sonar Distance and Stepper motor control will most likely require making use of the BeagleBone PRU (Programmable Real-Time Unit), and I will need time to understand how to program these beasts, so the time-frame for those features is unclear.

Language Translation

I have been testing a simplified scheme to provide Scratch block text translation. This scheme delegates all translation details to the Xi client and simplifies using Unicode with Xi. It is being tested using a French translation graciously provided by Seb Canet.

As soon as testing is complete, a Tranalator's Guide will be released.

What's Next?

Additional Raspberry Pi support is next on the list.